Without a Trace

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When it is time to remove your vehicle wrap it may cause a little anxiety.  You were sold on advantages such as ease of removal and protecting you cars factory paint job when you purchased your vehicle wrap.  Will the removal be as pain free as you were told?  Will the wrap affect the future resale value of your vehicle?

The most important thing you can do to make sure your vehicle wrap is removed without any damage to your car is to let a professional handle the removal.  Removing vinyl from your vehicle involves the process of applying heat.  The heat application is really a science that is best done by those experienced in this field.  Too much heat will causes bubbling and burning, which will make the vinyl difficult to remove.  Too little heat and the vinyl will simply not come off.  An experienced technician will apply the proper amount of heat for ease of removal without causing damage to the paint.  Special chemicals need to be used to remove any leftover adhesive once the vinyl has been removed from the vehicle.  An experienced technician will know the best product for your material and the best quantity to use.  If this is done improperly your paint could be damaged.  Those experienced in removal are less likely to damage your vehicles paint or clear coat.

Another important thing you can do to make sure your vehicle wrap is removed properly is to choose the correct materials when your wrap is installed.  The type of film significantly affects removal.  Although cast or calendared vinyl with over laminate may cost more than alternatives, it will save you money when it comes to removal.  The thickness of over laminate will make it easier to pull off, and less prone to breaking into small pieces.  Additionally pay attention to the film adhesive that is used.  Long term adhesives are designed with removal, at the end of a graphics life, in mind.  They have higher adhesion but when heat is applied they come off easily leaving little residue behind.

Lastly, keep age and condition of your graphic in mind when planning your vehicle wrap removal.    Follow the vinyl manufacturer’s recommendations for the appropriate life of the wrap and the best time-frame for the removal.  Older graphics tend to crack and deteriorate from age and the exposure to elements.

If you are mindful of these items your vehicle will be left without a trace of what was once an attention grabbing advertisement.


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