Wraps Gone Wrong

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Wraps are a great investment in your company’s brand and advertising.  There are many people who claim to be vehicle wrap installers.  Be thorough when you choose your wrap installer, without the proper installer wraps can go wrong.

The first thing that determines a good or bad vehicle wrap is design.  An experienced designer will create a concise and eye catching design that captures your brand.  There are many things that can add to bad design.  Misspellings, busy test, and unclear branding are just a few.  Our designers are experienced and have created award winning designs.  We have a proofing process that allows our clients to see how the design will look on their vehicle and ensures accuracy of text.

Another important thing that determines if a wrap goes right is using quality materials.  Using inferior materials can lead to wraps that look all wrong.  Peeling edges and bubbling are problems that can result from inferior materials.  We choose quality materials and install according to industry standards to ensure your wrap will look great.

Quality installation is extremely important to ensure a wrap goes right.  Proper surface preparation, quality materials, experience, and a climate controlled facility are all important to having a wrap done well.  An experienced installer will make sure edges are clean to avoid peeling.  They will also use appropriate materials and avoid over-stretching that can lead to bubbling.  Good trimming of material requires a steady hand, experience and technique.  Avoiding untucked edges show the attention to detail of a quality installer.  Experience and appropriate resources can safeguard against a wrap gone wrong.

If you are contemplating a vehicle wrap we hope you find an installer that will get your vehicle wrap right.  If you are looking for an installer in the Metro Milwaukee area we would love to work with you!

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